Playkey (PKT) ICO

updated 24 August 2017

Decentralized gaming platform based on P2P and blockchain

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Nov`17-01 Dec`17
Cap: 540 000 ETH
(112 309 200 USD)
Goal: 90 000 ETH
(18 718 200 USD)
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Lost in the sea of cryptocurrencies? Choose PKT!

Playkey plans to set up an ICO with an issuance volume of 100 000 000 PKT tokens to achieve the following goals: 1.Integrate blockchain technology into the Playkey gaming service; 2.Develop a decentralized, resource-sufficient, safe and fast P2P game streaming solution, where miners can provide their powerful resources to the gamers; 3.Reach 10m active players in EMEA and APAC regions. For additional information, please see the Development Program and Budget pictured in the whitepaper on Playkey team is confident in the success of our idea though they already have alike successful product - cloud gaming platform, that is already beloved with thousand of video gamers and active users.

Playkey plans to set up an ICO with an issuance vo

Bounty – 2.5% 2 500 000 PKT Foundation – 12.5% 12 500 000 PKT Team – 20.0% 20 000 000 PKT Advisors – 5.0% 5 000 000 PKT PKT Tokens Sold – 60.0% 60 000 000 PKT Minimum ICO threshold = PKT 10 Million if the team Get Less, they Will Refund the Money. Maximum Cap is PKT 100 Million.


Happy to see that ICO is to develop an existing business. The team has working product with a large community.  Also a good thing is to see people from Wargaming, Oculus, GigaWatt and Nem as advisors and Deloitte as a legal partner. Could they do business without ICO? Maybe, but ICO with an existing business is always a nice thing
At fist sight I was amazed seeing this project. Game industry is extremely growing nowadays. Moreover  playing hight quality games on low-end PCs is a solution we have been waiting for a long time.

-Well-known advisors, partnerships and 3,5+ million pre-sale campaign as well as working platform are making this ICO most reliable and promising.

-On the other hand, I've installed their application and tried to test. As a matter of fact, it lagged and braked. So much negative reviews in their community.

Summing up, it worth buying , but platform need to be updated.


The most promising thing about the project is the fact that they already had a working product before deciding to incorporate blockchain technology and create a token. 

Reviews of the product from 2016 are mostly positive, complaining of things like a small selection of games, rather than issues with technical performance.

In terms of blockchain tech incorporation, the idea is that the network will be able to scale much better, because users themselves will be able to create cloud servers. The tokens they’ve created (PKT) are also completely incorporated into the ecosystem of the product. Users can pay for games in PKT and the members of the network who provide high powered hardware earn in PKT, which they can then exchange for any crypto. In terms of buying their tokens purely as an investment, the PKT supply is limited, so if they’re network of gamers scales as they plan it will, then the price of PKT should go up.


Didn`t believe in all this cryptocurrencies stuff... Thought that this bubble would soon burst. But really wanted to try it. Fortunately, saw the Mining Now project The guarantees of refund in case of the entire cryptocurrency market collapse are given.


Very very nice to hear, that some true gamers are willing to work on this kind of platform!

Looking forward for ICO startup. It will be great for us, to use playkey tokens instead our real money! Too bad I have missed the train. If its not too late i would definetly buy some of those.

I evaluate this kind of actions with 5 stars !

Love you playkey!