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PikcioChain is a information superhighway that brings individuals & organisations together to buy, sell and exchange data with confidence. 

Cap:4 616 BTC
Price:1 BTC = 6000 tokens
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About PikcioChain

PikcioChain is a fully distributed information superhighway that brings individuals and organisations together to buy, sell and exchange data with confidence. Pikcio ​has ​been ​designed ​to ​store, ​secure, ​verify ​and ​certify ​data ​while ​ensuring ​the ​data source ​retains ​full ​control ​of ​their ​information ​at ​all ​times. ​Pikcio ​lets ​the ​user ​choose ​how ​to share ​their ​data, ​who ​to ​share ​it ​with, ​while ​also ​providing ​them ​with ​the ​opportunity ​to ​be paid ​for ​its ​use.

Core Benefits:

The exchange and trading of personal data currently takes place across a range of formats and standards with individual users cut out of the marketplace.

Not only does Pikcio enable the monetisation of personal data for the benefit of the individual data producer but for companies, it solves customer service issues resulting from cumbersome KYC requirements and creates a certification mechanism that businesses can trust.

The opportunities for Pikcio range across all industry sectors but immediate opportunities in financial services, medical information and marketing mean that our initial efforts will focus on gaining traction within these segments.

What is a PKC token?

PKC Tokens are used to buy and exchange data as well as to gain access to the full range of services available within the Pikcio ecosystem.

Why is it important that PKC Tokens are “utility t

PKC Tokens are known as ‘utility tokens’. This means that they’re used to access services within a Blockchain environment. Utility tokens are not the same as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which acts as a digital currency or ‘security tokens’ which represent sets of rights that holders obtain to shares of a business

How will PKC Tokens appreciate?

PKC will act as a proxy for the value of personal data held within the Pikco ecosystem. This value should rise as more users store, update and share increasing amounts of data within Pikcio. MatchUpBox, the developer of PikcioChain, has been working on the solution for over three years and with its partner, Jouve FlatIrons, recently won the Banking Innovation 2017 Award in Paris for their PikcioChain-powered KYC onboarding solution.

Important Links:

Telegram channel: https://t.me/PikcioChain Brand and logos: https://goo.gl/Xs9djD Pitch presentation, position paper and white paper: https://goo.gl/V6nHhr