Photochain roadmap

updated 18 March 2018

Photochain uses blockchain technology to reinvent photostocks around the buyers and the sellers.

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Status: TBD
Public sale: TBA-15 May`18
Cap: 2 ETH
(532.7 USD)
Goal: No info
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  • Operation - Q2 2018

    Photochain DApp Version 1.0 on the Ethereum Mainnet Trading of the PHT Tokens at Crypto Exchanges

  • Continual Improvement - Q3 2018

    Photochain DApp as standalone client on all common operating systems

  • Idea

    Idea, business case and market research

  • Project Evaluation

    Development of the DApp prototype

  • Strategy & Design

    Go-Live of the DApp prototype

  • Preparation for Crowdsale

    Communication and marketing activities Commitment of the Blockchain Community Commitment of the photography community Legal form Adviser

  • Pre-Sale Preparations

    Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for eraly supporters

  • Private Pre-Sale Preparations

    Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for early supporters Enhanced documentation and planning New team members Community growing

  • Transition

    Preparation for Main Sale Event Compliance and regulations Developing a more comprehensive Photochain DAPP version

  • Main Sale Event

    Publishing of new collaboration partners Regulatory compliance for our Main Sale Event