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updated 06 September 2018

B2B Payments within the InstaSupply Platform

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Status: ended
Public sale: 27 Aug`18-23 Sep`18
Cap: No info
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    Riaz Shah
    Mark Evans
    Mark Hodges
    Sarah Lane
    Tim Huegdon
    Co-founder and CIO/CTO
    Lee Pruitt
    Co-founder and CEO
    Neil Crosby
    Head of Technology
    Michael Davies
    Chief Technical Architect
    Jonny Ford
    DevOps Engineer
    Peter Featherstone
    Software Engineer
    Lee Jordan
    Head of User Experience
    Marcus Raphael
    Head of Business Intelligence
    Martin Coxall
    Digital Marketing Director
    Bruno Valerio
    Product Manager
    Isaac Adako
    Customer Success Manager
    Suravi Saha
    Customer Success Associate
    Chris Entress
    Sales Executive
    Amara Wyatt
    Graphic Designer