ParcelX ICO

updated 17 July 2018

The future of decentralized cross-border parcel delivery.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 18 Jun`18-18 Jul`18
Cap: 60 000 ETH
(13 002 000 USD)
Goal: 60 000 ETH
(13 002 000 USD)
Price: 1 ParcelX = 0.000268 ETH ETH
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About ParcelX

Logistics is an industry of efficiency, scale, and most importantly: trust.

A single cross-border parcel may be scanned dozens of times along its journey from origin to destination. These scans are the critical point of handover for transactions and payments, and enable consumers to track their package.

Effective and economic coordination among individual nodes to reliably deliver parcels to their destination is the core
competitive advantage for any delivery

The Global Parcel Network (ParcelX) vision is to create a world where anyone can be a trusted member of the cross-border parcel delivery ecosystem through revolutionary blockchain technology.

Delivery giants like FedEx, UPS and national postal services represent the first generation model: establishing all delivery networks in- house with enormous investment and time to allow their network coverage to reach scale.

YTO Express, ZTO express, Yunda Express, STO express and Best Express represent the second generation model: they enable the miracle of Alibaba E-Commerce in China through low-cost franchising, quickly expanding their network nationally in just fraction of the cost and time span of the first generation services via the “Tonglu Effect.”

The ParcelX Platform will leverage blockchain technology to create a Blue Ocean market of cross-border logistics through decentralization, interoperability, information integrity and trust in parcel delivery networks. It will connect shippers, logistics service providers, logistics integrators and consumers in a well-balanced ecosystem, based on trust guaranteed by blockchain and seamless interactions, saving time and money while ensuring optimal security, transparency and traceability. Any new or existing logistics service providers or logistic integrators, and even individual persons are welcome to have their services linked through ParcelX. They will share service requests within the platform while building their reputations as efficient, transparent and low-cost providers.

Inefficiency, opacity, and costs due to centralized, unstandardized models will be swept away by an architecture made possible through blockchain and a closed-loop token ecosystem.

The crowdsourcing nature of the ParcelX platform lowers the barrier for service providers and verified individuals to join the ecosystem to nearly zero. It will allow the establishment of a fully-fledged cross-border parcel delivery network with worldwide coverage at unprecedented affordable cost and speed.

Economic interactions between participants on the ParcelX Platform are through its native token GPX (Global Parcel Network, i.e. ParcelX, Token). In the blockchain marketplace or ecosystem on the ParcelX Platform, when a consumer or e-commerce party requires parcel delivery service, it will use GPX to pay the service provider.

Global Parcel Network Foundation will drive research, development, and deployment of efficient, secure & transparent blockchain architecture onto our existing revenue-generating business. Funds raised from our token sale will be devoted to creating the ParcelX Network framework and further developing key partnerships. Early adopters and supporters of the ParcelX Network will benefit from the GPX token’s utility through reduced costs, data interoperability, and complete traceability.