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updated 05 September 2018

Scalable blockchain protocol for digital advertising industry

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Status: ended
Public sale: 21 Mar`18-15 Sep`18
Cap: 17 500 000 USD
Goal: 17 500 000 USD
Price: 1 PPR = 0.055 USD
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    Abeed Janmohamed
    Igor Alferov
    Shirlene Chandrapal
    SVP Strategic Business Development
    Addie Conner
    SVP Product Evangelist
    Elena Obukhova
    Communications Director
    Alexander Shvets
    Product Director
    Alexander Kholodov
    Lead Software Engineer
    Andrey Vlasenko
    Lead Software Engineer
    Alexander Telegin
    Mobile Software Engineer
    Igor Sokolov
    Blockchain Engineer
    Aleksei Pupyshev
    Mobile Software Engineer
    Shamil Valishev
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Richard Titus
    Strategy Advisor
    Jeremy Epstein
    Marketing Advisor
    Eyal Hertzog
    Strategy Advisor
    Tim Brown
    Business Development Advisor
    Jeremy Levitan
    Strategy Advisor
    Dmitry Lee
    Technology Advisor
    Leo Eletskikh
    Technology Evangelist
    Mike Costache
    Strategy Advisor
    Alexander Shishow
    Strategy Advisor
    Brad Yasar
    Strategy Advisor
    Mikhail Fedorinin
    Operations Advisor
    Marissa Kim
    Legal Advisor
    George Odysseos
    Business Development Manager
    Tanya Krishtopa
    Project Manager
    Vyacheslav Trofimov
    Web Developer
    Vitaly Bubyakin
    Frontend Developer
    Stanislav Kirillin
    Communications Manager



Tthe WP is quite well done. Competitive analysis looks quite comprehensive but still not very objective. I have not found business planning there so it is hard to judge on potential return for investors. The mission is very ambitious so the team evidently should be reinforced to implement it.