Papusha Rocket Technology team

updated 23 July 2018

Papusha Rocket ICO - is the latest technology to destroy oil refineries residues around the world.

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 22 Aug`18-22 Oct`18
Cap: No info
Goal: 13 500 ETH
(2 803 815 USD)
Price: 1 PRT = 0.0005 ETH
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    Anatoly I. Papusha
    Project author and developer
    Igor A. Papusha
    Vladimir V. Davydenko
    Head of the project Papusha ICO
    Valery S. Petrosyan
    Doctor of Chemical Sciences
    Yuri P. Grigoryev
    Doctor of Technical Sciences, adviser
    Mikhail Ya. Lemeshev
    Doctor of Economics, adviser