Pally (PAL) ICO

updated 30 July 2018

Pally is a decentralized traveling ecosystem that creates unique travel experiences

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Oct`17-30 Nov`17
Cap: 4 550 000 USD
Goal: 675 000 USD
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Pally - Decentralised Social Travelling

Pally is the first travel experience platform powered through decentralised smart-contract technology. The Pally ecosystem is comprised of Pally Social – a mobile application that is currently available in beta from the Apple App Store, and Pally Adventures, a community marketplace where visitors can immerse themselves in new cities through experiences hosted by locals. The community has grown steadily in London and beyond, with over 25,000 people engaged across digital channels.

How did you come up with your project idea?

Pally was originally conceived in Early 2016, with development of the project officially kicking off in March 2016. The idea of a decentralised social travel community stemmed from frequent frustration with the lack of access to local and affordable experiences between like-minded people. An additional pain-point with city travel experiences before Pally was the fact that dominant market players charged, and continue to charge, premiums for curating experiences, significantly decreasing hosts’ opportunity to profit from micro-entrepreneurialism and significantly increasing the experience cost from a visitor’s perspective.

Team Pally consists of a team of international lifelong travellers, who all recognise the huge potential to improve social travel experiences and who all have several passport stamps and re-locations on their CVs. The inclusivity and cohesion of the Pally ecosystem directly permeates through to the development team working on Pally: Everyone contributing to actualise a common objective in a friendly, determined and professional environment. This enables Pally to grow into an even more impactful and decentralised global travel community with user experience and convenience as the overshadowing priorities.

What main challenges have you faced so far?

Preparing and running an ICO is a welcome challenge that everybody on the team embraces. If I had to pin down the main challenge associated with running a blockchain start up in general, I would point towards the elucidation of people outside of the crypto world who aren’t aware of the technology, what it is doing for the world and how it can be applied across a multitude of industries. However I welcome educating everyone I can about the uses of blockchain and more specifically around the use of Pally’s Ecosystem. Despite what it may seem like within the blockchain bubble (ourselves included), most people still aren’t aware of the practical use of the technology and it is therefore our duty as early adopters/first movers within our industry, to spread the word.

Who/what inspired it?

Several of our team members have been involved in the crypto community for years and it seemed like a logical progression for our brand which in turn will lead to a much deeper integration across our products and benefit the end user. The hurdle to get over now, is to promote the use of a cryptocurrency to the general end-user, a task we take very seriously and are doing everything within the power of marketing and growth hacking to succeed in.

How do you see the future of the project?

We hope to continue our expansion across major cities and to promote the use of Pally widely until we have a mainstream adoption of our product. Finally, we hope to maintain our postiion as market leaders and first-movers within the the decentralised social travel space and aim to open the eyes of users to the fact that they don’t have to settle for paying large fees with centralised experience providers such as Airbnb Experiences.

How has working with ICObazaar been so far?

You guys are running an awesome platform and service. This helps educate investors and sparks interest amongst casual researchers just entering the blockchain space. We will keep up with the progression of Icobazaar, hope to do other features with you in the future and will of course write additional feedback as we think of it.

About ICO

Pally is an ecosystem of 2 decentralized applications that allows finding travel companions and generate unique travel experiences through the use of smart contracts and blockchain.

In Pally, users can interact with locals who host unique events for travelers and receive payment via the Pally application. Safety and transparency of payments are guaranteed with smart contracts.

Pally ecosystem is composed of 2 products – Pally social allows travelers to find companions while Pally Adventures creates new and unique activities for adventurers.