Otcrit ICO

updated 01 January 2018

Decentralized Economy Must Be Transparent

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Feb`18-15 Mar`18
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About Otcrit

The new crypto-economy is growing exponentially with unprecedented speed, and the market is soon to hit one trillion dollars market capitalization. However, the biggest issue in the cryptocurrency market is the lack of transparency and authentic information. Researching a company could take days, even weeks, and it’s not guaranteed that investors will find any valuable data. We understand how difficult it is to spend time following all market changes and projects’ development that are necessary to make a good investment. This is why we strive to give, not only in-depth analyses, but also a different independent perspective that investors can rely on and profit from. Otcrit will be their personal advisor and portfolio manager they can reach anytime, anywhere.

At the moment, individuals are issuing tokens with no business plans or actual prospects for realizing their ideas and most are reviewed by unexperienced and biased people usually endorsed for it. Exchanges only list companies that can afford their high entry fees and don’t care about the assets being traded. Our solution is to make this process easier, faster, and more professional.

The platform allows serious investors to receive expert reports for the projects and companies they are interested in. It also allows less experienced users to get their hands on easy to understand material and not gamble with their money. We offer days and even weeks of quality research, including company assessments and audit reports. These papers will be published, not only in English, but in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, and we’ll add more languages in the future. Everyone will have a quick and easy access anywhere in the world. No time wasted - only crucial information.

The Otcrit platform is also developing its own cryptocurrency exchange (Otcritex), where only projects reviewed and audited by our security experts and analysts will be available for trading. A percentage of the collected fees will be distributed between all OTC token holders. The Otcritex will also pay commissions to all companies listed on it and, by doing so, reward them for their transparency and dedication. We are against the current model where companies are required to pay, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, to be listed on other exchanges and not get a share of the profits that they could put into development.