Organicco ORC (Organicco) ICO

updated 06 April 2018

Our first and foremost aim to keep our earth greener with our proven and patented technology, working system with strong client base.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 11 Apr`18-15 May`18
Cap: 80 000 ETH
Goal: 40 000 ETH
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Capital guaranteed ICO for early investors

We are based in the United Kingdom at Brunel University.

Our first and foremost aim to keep our earth greener. Over 10 years we have developed multiple systems using OUR patented technology which transforms unwanted organic material into practical and viable commodities such as fertilizers, animal feed, biomass fuel, renewable energy and renewable fuel.

Our Journey started in 2007 and we have since supplied our patented technology and hardware to numerous green loving organisations around the world. We have delivered units to K-Veg Wholesale, Vicars Game, Oakland Farm and Boxford Suffolk Farm in the United Kingdom, BARI in Bangladesh, Loc-Troi in Vietnam and Vaudreuil Solanges in Montreal Canada.

Our goal is to raise funds through an ICO, Initial Coin Offering, of Organicco tokens and use your investment to develop three large scale projects. They will produce Organic Fertiliser and Animal Feed which will be sold to farmers worldwide. We will also be building a pilot unit for converting farm waste into electricity and methanol which is used as road fuel.

We will also invest into EasiPayer, a low cost international payment platform for making cross boundary commercial payments faster and easier. This platform is designed to address the limitations of current international commercial payments options. 

Please note we are selling our tokens based on UK sterling pounds and the information provided here and on the white paper are subjected to change, please visit our website for latest information.