Orbs ICO

updated 13 July 2018

Consumer-Ready Blockchain

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Status: upcoming
Start: 01 September 2018
End: 31 August 2019
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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About Orbs

The Orbs position paper is all about our approach to making it possible for established consumer brands to create decentralized, large scale applications.

Our position paper carves out the specific niche in the world of blockchain that the Orbs platform is focused on. It also goes into the details of the main requirements we’re optimizing towards and the various technical solutions we are working on.

The Orbs project envisions commoditizing blockchain infrastructureforlargescaleconsumer applications. We envision a fully decentralized public platform where consumer brands feel comfortable to operate nodes and take part in a decentralized and balanced ecosystem, one that makes this transition easier for the industry as a whole. The platform will be complete with a core product experience inspired by well-established infrastructure solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and speakinfamiliarterminologylikeServiceLevelAgreements (SLA) and dedicated resources.