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Evolving Skincare Through Blockchain Technology

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Status: ended
Start: 29 May 2018
End: 12 June 2018
Cap: 0 ETH
Goal: 0 ETH
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Opu Labs

About Opu Labs

Opu.ai is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform that is managed by smart contracts. The platform supports the skincare community by delivering  technology solutions that improve the quality, availability and access to high quality skin care services. Utilizing blockchain technology, Opu will substantially improve the quality of skincare available to individuals worldwide.

Opu enhances the skincare ecosystem by effectively leveraging product and treatment efficacy data through a merit based incentive system. The tools combined with cryptocurrency based incentives encourage participation of medical professionals, personal care professionals, skincare product providers and individuals. Opu coin is the first skincare focused cryptocurrency that employs a decentralized review platform to reward the constituents whose contributions benefit the community, and to provide skincare professionals with technological services that expand their capabilities while simultaneously easing patient load. This will be enabled through Blockchain, AI, big data, search, image analysis and ecommerce technologies. The primary goal of the community is to build a future skincare ecosystem where the community organizes highly relevant information that will result in improved analysis and treatment options.

Opu grew out of the founding teams’ collective experience in the search, mobility, healthcare and ecommerce domains. Portions of the Opu App are currently in beta release stage in preparation for the Opu ICO campaign launch. Both skincare professionals and consumers will be rewarded for completing activities that benefit the community with ERC-223 Opu Coins that will be stored in Opu Wallets and will be tradable on open exchanges. The platform will provide a market-based incentive for individuals to analyze skin conditions, set improvement goals, monitor progress and achieve results with expert guidance from professionals, as well as from Opu’s native intelligence. The Opu team believes that the platform will catalyze the community resulting in a material improvement in skin health at a diminished overall cost