openZen (ZNT) ICO

updated 11 August 2017

Zen is private space without digital trash, spam and information overload.

Token sale info
Status: ended
Start: 15 October 2017
End: 15 November 2017
Cap: 5 500 ETH
(1 518 550 USD)
Goal: 1 500 ETH
(414 150 USD)
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Zen is a semi closed decentralised distributed social network, a search engine and a storage of information, where information is being created, updated and consumed directly by the users of the system. The main idea of the project is that the content (text, audio, photo, video) is distributed between the participants of the network using a p2p (f2f) model with the technologies of a distributed storage IPFS. Zen is meant to become a new way of spending time in the Internet. The system uses a cryptocurrency ZenToken as a means of exchange, payments, voting and games. Zen is a decentralized network, influence of servers is minimized and in the future it will be completely eliminated.