updated 16 October 2018

Meet the 1st crypto currency coin dedicated to support homeless cats!

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Status: ended
Public sale: 19 Apr`18-19 Oct`18
Cap: 15 000 ETH
Goal: 15 000 BTC
Price: 1 OMGCAT = 0.001 ETH
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What is OMGCatCoin ?

Primary OMGCatCoin crypto currency was created as a joke for supporting famous internet OMGCat memes across whole internet. See video in right what is OMGCat  Learn more but lately it get famed and now it's evolving into blockchain based platform to connect people who love cats and homeless cats shelters.

  • Main difference from others coins is that OMGCatCoin:
  • ICO will continue for 6 months
  • 30% of received ETH during ICO will be donated to support animal shelter for homeless cats.
  • Final goal is to create blockchain based platform to connect cat lovers and employees from homeless cats shelters so that any platform user can donate desired amount of digital currency to support shelters or cats.