updated 01 January 2018

1st Insurance Blockchain Volatility Solution

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Public sale: 04 Jan`18-04 Apr`18
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For many years, the cryptocurrency community has steadily grown, but this community is still in the early stages of expansion. In 2017 alone, the prices of more popular virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, soared to record highs amid increased investor interest. Investing in cryptocurrency has always been an enterprise with high risk considering the volatility, risk of hacking and high uncertainty within the industry. Traders need not only understand the complexities of trading, but also the complexities of a rapidly growing cryptocurrency market. We present ODUWACOIN, a state of art cryptocurrency that is developed to serve the crypto-currency industry by providing insurance and protection to the leading cryptocurrencies such as; Bitcoin, Lite coin, Ethereum, Dash and Monaro etc. against future depreciation. Besides providing insurance, ODUWACOIN aims to provide people a lending platform for those who do not have the basic knowledge of crypto trading, such that, they can benefit from the continuous growth in digital currency market. Our coded and highly advanced automated trading bots will do all the trading for you.

This white paper gives a detailed description of our planning and discusses the status and project of ODUWA insurance and ODUWA lending platform. It aims to demonstrate how we are using our teams’ expertise to make crypto-currency based investment easy and accessible for everyone by providing them the ease of mind and protection to invest without fear of loss. This white paper also gives a detailed description of the scope and vision of ODUWA Encrypt. This software is designed to provide protection to all your digital assets and data. The ODUWACOIN Encrypt token (ticker: OWC) will be the native currency for ODUWA ecosystem. Though offering discounts and other advantages it will also be possible to pay using other cryptocurrencies.