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updated 01 January 2018

Make Every Single Drop Count

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 May`18-13 Jun`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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    Jean-Pierre Guicheney
    Regina Passarinho
    Franois Laffoucrire
    Jacques Le Moigne
    Head of Business Development
    Rgis Revilliod
    Head Of Blockchain Et Odeep Ecosystem Development
    Patrick De Courrges
    Partnership Development With Humanitarian Ongs
    Yamine Bennouar
    IT Developer & Customer Management
    Boucif Chabani
    Mobile & Smart Contract Developer
    Roman Watorek
    Industrial & Product Graphic Designer
    Paul Walther
    Strategic Marketing For The Deployment Of The Odeep Initiative
    Marion Launay
    Commercial & IP Legal Expert
    Daouda Ba
    Corporate & Finance Legal Expert
    Carl Revilliod
    Maritime Intendant
    Julien Claret
    Maritime Engineer
    Hugo Meucci
    Maritime Engineer