updated 01 January 2018

Make Every Single Drop Count

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 May`18-13 Jun`18
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The ODEEP token is backed by the premium brand of deep ocean water Ôdeep. This utility token is related to a traceable production of bottled water on board a bottling vessel. It can produce 100M liters of drinking water from deep ocean water.

The ODEEP token virtually represents 1.25L of bottled water.1L is spared and can be later swapped for a litre of Ôdeep (www.o-deep.com). The remaining 0.25L is donated to humanitarian action.

The ODEEP ecosystem wants to develop a humanitarian bottled water platform at the closest to emergency needs. A delivery of 20 million litres of a dedicated brand of bottled water is then proceeded inside a sheltered warehouse. The water is distributed in 5L bottles equipped with a handle for ease of transport.

The aim is to provide NGOs with 20,000,000 litres to better face water scarcity in crisis regions.