Nuka Token (NKT) ICO

updated 21 September 2018

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Status: ended
Public sale: 31 Mar`18-21 Apr`18
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Nuka Token

About Nuka Token

Everyone is chasing a dream. Are you curious about mine? I am eager to develop and publish my first video game. I am dreaming to create a video game since the days when I was playing the best “beat 'em up”: Golden Axe, Final Fight, Double Dragon or X-men Arcade.

These are legends from the past that is almost impossible to reach. I have come up with a video game concept that is inspired to those great legends and that has been conceived as a tribute to them. I am really putting all my energies and passion into this project!

The project is ambitious, I do not neglect it, but it is not impossible to accomplish. A portion of the core programming is already there, a rough 25% that cost me 3 months of work.

I have also started to plan an organize the graphics. Producing a video game is a complex task but I had already experienced the process during my career. In fact, I am already in touch with a specialist that will deliver mock ups about the first two levels of the game, a few enemies and one of the main characters. All the materials should be delivered by the end of April.

Anyway, the game will be developed with Unity and it will be distributed on mobile platforms (Android and iOS) and on PC and consoles.