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A Global Platform for Investors and Decentralized Investment Funds 

Cap:1 200 000 USD
Goal:25 000 000 USD
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What is Nousplatform?

Nousplatform is a platform for the collaboration of investment funds and investors. It includes a personal back office, statistical reports, wallets, lists of funds and their ratings. For investors, the platform is a turnkey solution for managing its own assets. First stage of the development of the Nousplatform will be supporting five types of funds: 1. Open ended Investment Fund 2. Close ended Investment Fund 3. Venture Capital Fund 4. Charitable Fund 5. Family Trust Fund In the near future Nousprotocol will be expanding to support more complex types of funds. There are five categories of the main participants: 1. The Founder of the Fund (General Manager) 2. Fund Manager 3. Referring Agent 4. Investor 5. Escrow

NOUS token

The Nous Token is a universal utility token that allows investors to acquire an equity shares of different funds. There is a very high demand for this currency; it has the potential to cover a huge market estimated in trillions of US dollars. The token will be based on the ERC20 standard and called NOUS. The Use of the Tokens: ● Acquisition of the equity shares of open-ended funds ● Participation in ICO of close-ended funds ● Dividends of close-ended funds ● The reserves of open-ended funds to increase liquidity Platform for Commissions payout Use of tokens to pay for the goods and services. Nous Tokens are available for acquisition during Pre-ICO, during ICO, or later on multiple exchanges. ERC20 wallet can be used to receive and store nous tokens.