NordCoin Mining (NRDC) ICO

updated 21 August 2018

Your gateway to crypto-mining. NordCoin is the trusted and safe mobile cryptocurrency mining operation.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 30 Jul`18-30 Aug`18
Cap: 1 096 500 USD
Goal: 1 096 500 USD
Price: 1 NRDC = 01 USD
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Your trusted and safe mobile mining operation

Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and other blockchain technologies are experiencing a rapid surge in popularity. With a major share of the blockchain infrastructure today dependent on consensus protocols based on proof-of-work (PoW), an efficient and intelligent crypto-mining operation is well positioned to take advantage of the ongoing expansion.

NordCoin Mining OÜ is based in the IT-friendly Estonia with operations foreseen across the Nordics. The Mobile Mining Container (MMC) technology developed by NordCoin is a self-sufficientself-contained, remote controlled crypto-mining solution designed to overcome the three most significant variables affecting the profitability of crypto-mining: effective hash rate, cost of energy, and cost of space. In total, 30 MMC's will be activated, with an estimated net profit of $45,000 worth of crypto per month per container