updated 03 December 2018

Online booking platform - be the ultimate cost leader on a trillion-worth market and cut travellers costs up to 30%

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 01 Nov`18-28 Feb`19
Cap: 5 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
Price: 1 NSP = 0.1 USD
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Concept description

Creation a global wide Blockchain platform on hotel online booking eliminating middleman commissions and covering 20% of the hospitality market that will double by 2030 exceeding $1 trillion in volume and thus outperform major rival online travel agencies (OTA).

Since pier-to-pier architecture (P2P) is in the heart of all BlockChain platforms, streamlines traveler-hotelier relations and increases hotel chain profit as hoteliers can manage and develop their value chains on their own now.

At the start point acquired project that developed and tested a prototype of a platform for the Hospitality industry based on Ethereum Blockchain technology. uses familiar user-friendly interfaces and software compatible with the existing one so there is no need for travelers and hoteliers to change their habits. will be owned and managed by hoteliers through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and currently developed on EOS / Ethereum/ Side Chain technologies (Plazma). The hoteliers will choose the most efficient one

Creation value to the ecosystem

As of today the value of fees online travel agencies withdraw  from the booking market exceeds 80 bln per year. By 2030, due to market growth and changes in the market structure, the value will exceed 250 bln per year. makes it possible to remove middlemen out of the value chain and return this wealth to the hoteliers and travelers.


The NOMAD.project has the following features and strengths:

·   Lowest transaction cost

No payments for servers. No fees to miners, platform owners and for exchange of fiat and crypto currencies;

·   Financial infrastructure

Internal currency (NSP) and instruments to reduce volatility and increase liquidity via market maker smart-contract (MMSC);

·   Blockchain platform

Conscious choice of suitable blockchain platform of three tested (Ethereum / EOS / Plazma);

·   Big client and hotel bases

Client traffic right after release of the platform – by means of focused M&A with aggregators and PMS;

·   Technical infrastructure

Own blockchain nodes installed by the hoteliers;

·   DAICO mechanizm

Transparent and clear algorithm of project management at each stage of implementation;

·   Organizational structure for hoteliers (DAO)

The members of the structure manage its development and resolve internal issues of the hotelier industry by means of a joint consolidated budget from financed by all of the participants;

·   Honest reviews

Transparent rating system of the hotels and rooms assessed by real travelers;

·   Non-staff hotel

Rapid deployment of a non-staff hotel concept (IoT) that cuts hotel costs.

Differs from competing projects

There are  only 3 direct competitors and 5 indirect competitors.  Only one of these projects has a functioning MVP, but it is based on Ethereum and has zero volume of booking, therefore, there is no understanding how to deal with transaction rates and Ethereum technical limitation.


NOMAD has the following competitive strengths and advantages:

1. Marketing strategy is targeted so as to put the business in real operation since Day 1:

  • Clear, effective and rapid market entry strategy based on a strategic partnership with an aggregator and PMS companies
  • Clear and meaningful income for both clients and service providers, minimization of overall expenses (unmatched by any other competitor), including lower deposits: We are not paying for servers – total decentralization; We are not paying miners: Hoteliers act as miners; There are no fees charged by Founders.
  •  We are starting our ICO with confirmed 10,000 hotels on board, with nodes up and running and with 1 mln client database.
  • Clients and hoteliers are creatures of habit, as all consumers are. NOMAD will start its operations in a well-known habitual environment: 
  • Most of the payments (up to 85%) in the system will be made in fiat. Nothing changes as to the user experience: the platform will start using an existing aggregator with an extensive client database. No need to change habits! The only new thing for the traveler will be a discount of up to 22,5%. 
  •  Nothing changes for the hotelier. For them NOMAD is just one of the many OTA that brings more bookings and extra profit.  Zero technical difficulties: hoteliers communicate with multiple OTA using specialized PMS (property management service) software that helps hoteliers to keep track of their booking schedules and available rooms. All data on property will be exchanged with the system automatically. NOMAD will have a standard API interface to connect to Channel Manager. (a single entry point)
  •  Bonuses at the promotion stage (similar to Uber)

2. Working MVP – we purchased one of our competitors ABAB.IO

3. A team of professionals experienced in business, investment and IT

4. Technical solutions special for business purpose and TOTAL decentralization:

  • Not Ethereum
  • Multiple options for the blockchain (EOS, Plasma, other sidechain), thorough R&D and testing and final option selected by the member vote.
  • Decentralized marketplace
  • Decentralized media content storage
  • Decentralized search engine

5. Strong social networking component -  hotelier DAO

6. IoT technology to implement a non-staff hotel concept

7. We used all tools available to keep our team highly motivated, make our project reliable and protect our investors:

  • Managing and operating company under reliable jurisdiction (based in US with the laws that ensure investor protection and legal competitive environment).
  • The ICO smart contract guarantees that the project will be successful and that the team will be high motivated to effective project develop for a long time:
  • DAICO model will be implemented to transfer control over raised funds to investors. If there is no progress, the investors may resolve to return funds to original investors
  • The team will be getting their tokens for 3 years (once a year), with the first installment of tokens issued 3 months after the ICO to guarantee long-term commitment to the project. 
  • The team gets only 20% of tokens, so there is no risk of value plummeting  after mass token sale by the team.