Neuromachine (NRM) ICO

updated 22 June 2019

Neuromachine creates the most convenient financial service for working with cryptocurrencies for a mass audience.

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 65 000 000 USD
Goal: 15 000 000 USD
Price: 1 NRM = 0.04 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Estonia
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To ensure full integration, the team intends to consistently provide solutions to take advantage of the main advantages of crypto technologies.


--multiply crypto capital

-- easy and safe buying cryptocurrency and tokens

-- business integration and real-time usage of cryptocurrency

-- achieving sufficient distribution, use new economic opportunities and  technologies


Neuromachine is the entire blockchain community gateway, for involving a massive mainstream audience.


The first release of Neuromachine will provide safe storage and an opportunity to increase crypto capital by trust management. Reliable manager at your website who will help to increase capital, regardless of the current state of the market.


Main advantages:


For clients --

-- Low entry threshold with high potential income. The equivalent of 1 dollar in a cryptocurrency is enough for the start and account growth, with potential growth up to 30% with the help of a talented trader.


-- The risk of losing money is minimized. You can limit the risks by selecting conservative risk management settings. Too risky traders transactions simply will not pass through the exposed barrier.


-- User will not meet cheater trader. All user activity, including successes and failures, will be recorded to the blockchain. The results become publicly available and can no longer be tampered with. No foundation or service can provide such transparency,  Neuromachine is developing an experimental solution that uses the main advantages of the blockchain technology itself.


For traders --


-- Earn adequate money.


-- You can define any % of the commission and other conditions for customers. If your work is worthy of the highest ratings, you will immediately find investors.

-- Your strategies remain with you. Customers cannot duplicate your strategy, because they do not see which deals you enter. Only the final statistics are available for public.


--Get commissions withdrawn without any delay.

User accounts are controlled by the automated system. This means you do not have to wait for client action to pay, and any tricks of the client are simply excluded.


-- Improving trading risk management tools and transaction analysis will help to increase the level of trade, and the “Trading OS” area will help bring order to management and experiment with new models.


-- Build your reputation and enter the list of the best managers in the world. As the team develops a solution for recording trading results on the blockchain, for the first time investors receive an objective rating of the best traders from around the world.


Want to take a place on it? Let’s begin to build your own reputation that will be forever yours.


Technical know-how:


- Market Parser G3 (MPG3) - API service unifying requests to the exchanges. It also undertakes the task of collecting and converting data such as transactions, order books, tickers. Keeps history. You can receive candles of any timeframe.


- ExUP - unified call protocol for exchanges functionality.


- CircleQR (CQR) - own coder / decoder strings. To transfer public user data (addresses, user accounts/traders, encrypted backups of private keys, requests for transactions), including URL links. Storage of any strings is possible.


- Tradot - infrastructure for launching trading models, strategies. Able to work with any data sources. Works in conjunction with MPG3


- Risk management is a special component of a trading strategy configuration that limits trading activity.


Using a token.


The NRM Token (NRM Eternal) allows access to different plans and different levels of service profitability and is also used to pay commissions. The first customers of NRM -- token owners.