Neufund (NEU) ICO

updated 31 October 2017

Re-imagine ICOs and connect the off- and on-chain world. Neufund's Platform enables users to get real equity in companies they invest in.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 17 Nov`17-17 Dec`17
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Neufund is a community-owned fundraising platform bridging the worlds of venture capital and blockchain space. (1) RE-IMAGINE ICOs We love the idea of ICOs, but the processes need to be improved. Neufund Platform enables you to get equity in companies you invest in, represented by equity tokens. (2) CONNECT THE OFF- AND ON-CHAIN WORLD Almost any company can emit equity tokens. (3) YOU OWN THE PLATFORM By participating in our ICBM you gain economic ownership of the platform we are building. (4) ENJOY RISK-FREE COMMITMENT You decide whether (1) you invest your contributed ETH into a company, (2) get 100% of your contributed ETH back after 18 Months if you don’t invest, or (3) retrieve it at any time with a fee of 10%. (5) EARN FROM HOLDING As a NEU holder you earn with every successful transaction on the platform. (6) BENEFIT FROM A GROWING PORTFOLIO NEU holder owns a share of a growing equity token portfolio of all companies which are funded on the platform.

​Neufund​ ​​–​ A Fundraising​ ​Platform

Neufund innovates investing for the digital generation. Neufund’s platform is the new way for investors to participate in ventures through the use of blockchain technologies. Neufund is a community-owned fundraising platform built within an ecosystem of smart contracts operating on the Ethereum blockchain.

The​ ​Opportunity

Currently there are unnecessary barriers, including geographical and jurisdictional constraints, that prevent an alliance of investors from forming. While our networks have grown global and turned digital, traditional asset classes remain highly immobile. Investing through traditional channels is still very difficult, expensive, paperwork intensive and depends on a variety of counterparties or intermediaries. The current investment ecosystem and financial industry relies on governmental intervention to curb the worst excesses of the system. Financial regulations are designed to protect investors but ironically, with the vast scope and subtleties of these financial regulations the novice investor finds himself entirely excluded from the most attractive opportunities. To make things worse, due to regulation, many of the best opportunities to invest in attractive projects are only available through avenues like Venture Capital which is only open to high net-worth accredited investors.

Neufund’s​ ​mission​

- Open private equity to everyone, not just accredited or high net worth investors. - Make real world private equity fully liquid by tokenizing it. - Create a decentralised capital pool for funding innovation. - Onboard off-chain companies into the crypto economy. - Provide a fully legal and regulated setting for token investment and trading. There is tremendous potential for net positive disruption and innovation through distributed ledger technology in Neufund. In the beginning Neufund’s strategy is based on being legally and technically secure and then to gradually decentralize all functions of the platform, thus “tokenizing the enterprise.” This integrates all parts of the Neufund platform into the community by distributing its ownership widely.


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