Network Units (NU) ICO

updated 21 September 2018

A Decentralized Multiplayer Platform & Infrastructure for Unity

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Status: ended
Public sale: 08 Feb`18-08 Jun`18
Cap: 16 666 ETH
Goal: 3 333 ETH
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Multiplayer Decentralized

Network units is a way to Decentralize multiplayer gaming and to provide developers an easy way to integrate multiplayer functionality. We will use the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contract functionality to create a platform that will allow hardware owners (service providers) to rent their unused Bandwidth and CPU resources with developers who would traditionally require their own servers to drive their multiplayer functionality and earn tokens for doing so. Gamers can mine tokens from the platform by connecting their wallets to their gaming accounts to become active clients. Therefore, Network Units has a unique mining process with two very different but interesting ways to mine tokens.

What makes NU unique?

Network Units is unique because it uses unused bandwidth and processing power thus it is cost effective compared to renting traditional multiplayer infrastructures. It is also unique because it allows hardware and server owners to rent their computing resources and bandwidth as well as allowing gamers to participate in the verification process, thereby earning tokens for doing so.