Nervos Network Rating & Review

updated 26 November 2018

Nervos is a network of highly scalable blockchains linked together to create an enterprise solution.

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Nervos Network Rating

ICObazaar experts have given Nervos Network rating with 4.0 score.

Our ICO rating evaluates the overall quality and viability of the product, team, and technical implementation behind. It is calculated with a weight-adjusted formula with five factors and a separate industry expert score. Each factor evaluates an aspect of the project and its weight is related to its importance, which was determined by blockchain and finance professionals. Our rating methodology.

Each factor evaluation:

  • Site: 5.0
  • Team: 4.9
  • Project idea and whitepaper: 4.5
  • Technology: 3.5
  • Media: 2.0
  • Users: 2.5

Nervos Network review


Nervos team is offering a decoupled, decentralized platform that uses the "Common Knowledge Base" (instead of smart contracts), a simpler mechanism for superior scalability, interoperability and better aligned incentives for all participants of the network.

  • The project is launched by two of China’s leading developers in the cryptospace (Jan Xie - former Ethereum and Yunbi (first exchange in China) developer, Cryptape founder; Daniel Lv - former Yunbi and imToken (one of the biggest ETH wallets) CTO).
  • The project is backed by respected VC’s such as: Sequoia Capital, FBG Capital, Blockchain Capital, Huobi Capital and others.
  • Existing dApps don’t have to change their programming language or smart contract if they want to integrate Nervos Network.

  • GitHub page is not very active.
  • Hype rate is low.
  • No roadmap.
  • There are several alike projects to launch this year.


The Nervos Network provides an infrastructure for dApps scalability. However the project is still in the early stages of product development and community building. We should admit that the team behind the project are the blockchain veterans who have contributed a lot to the development and promotion of digital economy. To sum up everything we should say that the project is strong and the market needs it, however it is important to see MVP to make any conclusion. By now the ICO has high risks.

Nervos Network CKB independent rating & review: 4.0