Naga Group (NGC) ICO

updated 16 October 2017

Smart Cryptocurrency for gaming and trading

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Status: ended
Public sale: 30 Nov`17-15 Dec`17
Cap: 200 000 000 USD
Goal: 1 000 000 USD
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Information About the Company

NAGA is a public listed, EU-regulated German Fintech company with trading-platforms for financial markets and virtual goods, a market cap of more than 200m Euros, millions in revenues and billions in trading volume every month. Investments and trading are ruled and governed by greedy banks and corporates that control access, operate non-transparent and always take a cut of your money. At NAGA we are about to change that. By introducing the NAGA COIN, we are on a mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector. The financial markets are about to change, and we embrace that.

Naga: SwipeStox

SWIPESTOX (, also called “The Social Network for Traders”, already saw almost 2 million transactions within 12 months after its start and is currently generating around 3 to 4 billion USD in trading volume each month.


SWITEX ( will provide gamers all around the globe a platform for transparent, save and blockchain-based item trading. The Switex blockchain, which is part of the ecosystem, stores the signing of virtual goods and all transactions.

Naga Wallet

NAGA will enable the depositing of Tokens via the NAGA WALLET into SwipeStox and Switex and all further projects which will be part of the NAGA Ecosystem. The wallet will be connected to the leading crypto-exchanges and will allow users to trade and convert FIAT money or other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin into NGC. All token holders will be able to deposit NGC into their accounts. Serving as the base currency in SwipeStox, our Robo-Advisory Service, Switex and the NAGA WALLET, NGC token holders will profit from various advantages ranging from lower trading commissions, acceptance of NGC within the whole NAGA ecosystem, and access to special platform features, just to name a few.

Naga Token Sale

THE PROBLEM: Investments and trading are ruled and governed by greedy banks and corporations that control access, operate non-transparently and always take a cut of your money. THE SOLUTION: One decentralized cryptocurrency for: - Financial Markets (SWIPESTOX) - Virtual Goods (SWITEX) - Cryptocurrencies (NAGA WALLET) We enable everyone to make money on one platform! - Securely - Simplified - Without banks or a bank account Benefit from the digital transformation of the largest industries in the world: Introducing the NAGA Coin! Think this is just another cool concept that ́s never going to happen? Well, it’s already live, trading billions of dollars every month. We are the award-winning NAGA GROUP and are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with a stock performance of +400% since our IPO in July 2017.


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