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MyOddz.bet, Betting and Gambling on the Ethereum block chain. Sports, P2P betting, Casino, Dice, Coin Flip, Raffles, Poker, Bingo + Profits 

Cap:72 185 ETH
Goal:28 000 ETH
Price:1 ETH = 3200 tokens
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MyOddz.bet - Betting, Gambling & More!

www.MyOddz.bet, your home of Betting and Gambling on the Ethereum blockchain, Auditable, Secure, Verifiable

Giving ODDZ Token owners 99.75% of profits each and every quarter with live site statistics.

Bringing Sports, E-Sports, and (true) P2P betting, Casino, Provably fair Dice and Coin Flip, Poker, Raffles and Bingo.

Users can have private bets via invitation with friends or colleagues. Users can also offer their own odds to users on our site or offer them on their own site, using our technology via java script widgets with optional self branding to TRULY become the house with low cost fees.

Organisations will easily be able to utilise our technology for use on their own sites, whatever Gambling or Betting solutions they wish to offer, for small ongoing commissions.

Our high value Raffles will not only offer huge amounts to be won in Eth, but through our extensive contacts we can give players the chance to win high end sports cars such as Aston Martin, Audi and Lamborghini!

We'll be offering a unique 21st century Casino music soundtrack from world renowned artists, and a simple an engaging user interface to keep customers returning time and time again.

Our aims are to build a platform which attracts and retains users so that we are able to maximise profits for all ODDZ token holders and to build and establish the MyOddz.bet brand across regions as a leading market player.

To take a lead in Sports, Esports and P2P betting on the Ethereum block chain and solidify our position as one of the most popular betting brands on Web 3.0