MyDFS roadmap

updated 01 November 2018

Blockchain-Powered Daily Fantasy Sports

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Oct`18-16 Nov`18
Cap: 20 000 000 USD
Goal: 4 000 000 USD
Price: 1 MyDFS = 1 USD
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  • MyDFS development started

    We've decided to start a Token sale to sell MyDFS tokens that are used in Fantasy Sports.

  • MyDFS Token Holder functionality is ready

    Token Holder app is up for security audit and alpha testing.

  • MyDFS basic gaming functionality is ready

    User app is ready for testing by members of the whitelist and Token Holders.

  • Pre Token sale starts.

    We’ll only sell tokens with good bonuses to a limited amount of Token Holders. MyDFS Token Holder wallet is publicly accessible.

  • Pre Token sale finishes.

    Preparing for Token sale. Beta test of application is available for Whitelist members.

  • MyDFS app is fully ready

    App is fully playable and available in AppStore and Google Play.

  • Intensive public marketing & PR campaign starts

    We unroll a big marketing campaign to get as much users as possible onboard.

  • Token sale starts

    Token sale opens and tokens are available to buy for everyone.

  • Token sale finishes

    Token sale is fully finished, unsold tokens are burned.



Strong team that solves 3 main points in fantasy sports:

  1. Smart contracts for fair play
  2. Tokens belong to the user
  3. Brokerage functionality on smart contract. One gives the opportunity to earn and allow professionals to do their job.

MyDFS is an upcoming ICO based on daily fantasy sports. The team is promising since they have previously developed and ran Fantasy apps. The inclusion of blockchain and tokens ensure that the competition is fair. Daily fantasy is a huge market that MyDFS is poised to take a piece of and I am excited to see where they are headed!