Movement App (pre-ICO) (MOVE) ICO

updated 09 November 2017

Monetizing active lifestyle. Earn money on people running.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 Dec`17-25 Dec`17
Cap: 3 334 ETH
Goal: 200 ETH
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How Movement App works?

Every registered user will be given a wallet inside the Movement™ App. All the data as well as earned coins and purchased tokens will be safely secured in it. User will be able to operate with the wallet via smart-contract. Wallet will also show the real-life exchange rate and give user the ability to exchange RUN coins into MOVE Tokens. As could be seen from the scheme above, the system will have the following operation principle: As user runs, jogs, walks and beats the distance RUN coins are being added to his account in real-time. The number of coins rewarded depends on several factors such as total distance, time spent, calories burnt (if synchronized with apps with such calculating functions) and the amount of MOVE Tokens in users’ wallet. The main feature of MOVE Tokens in Movement™ Economic System is to form an efficiency multiplier and serve as a bonus coefficient applied to the amount of RUN coins rewarded by the Movement™ App API.

Movement app features

App Development

Financial analytics

Movement App financial data is based on deep Market, Technical & Economic research.

RUN coin/ MOVE Token

It is very important to know the difference between in-app RUN coin and ERC 20 MOVE Token.

Token Sale Phases

Project Timeline

Token Distribution Diagram

Use of Contributed Funds



Hmm, I hate to go thumbs down on this because, overall, this concept makes valid use of blockchain and could, with tweaking, be a successful concept. So...

PRO: This concept makes valid use of blockchain technology and, based on the bios, the founding team possesses some of the requisite skills to make this venture go. Nice review of competitive ventures.

CON: Please have someone review the white paper and clean up the typos, grammatical errors, contractions, sentence fragments, etc. Seriously, when an MIT-trained engineer (i.e. me) finds your text this annoying, you really do need an outside reviewer.

Next...and my biggest "Huh?" investors get Movement tokens by investing and users of the app get Movement tokens by, well, moving...and this imparts value to Movement tokens on some future token-exchange because...<fill in blank here>? I gave the current (because I really do hope you guys make the effort to clean it up and re-issue it) white paper a fairly thorough read but I am also old, thus I will grant you I could have missed maybe I will be able to convert my Movement tokens back into Run coins and then buy stuff on the app (hopefully at a sufficient discount to warrant the extra fuss) but other than that, what I am doing with Movement tokens that would encourage me to convert bitcoin, ether, or fiat currency into Movement tokens?

Beyond that, not nearly enough detail in the whiter paper on how this team expects to spend the capital raised in the pending ICO. Go read the white paper for the CanYa project to see an example of a nicely structured white paper (and I am not shilling for CanYa on your page, if you read my review on their page, you will see I have my issues with them as well).

Full Disclosure: As of 11/20/2017, this reviewer has not participated in the Movement ICO and has no other interest in or relationship to the project.


Hello, I am the CEO of the Movement App project. Fist of all, thank you for your interest and for your review, every opinion is very important for us. Unfortunately, you didn't get the concept right. Let me explain: Users will be rewarded with RUN coins (in-app currency, not an ERC 20 Token). MOVE Tokens will be sold during the pre-ICO and ICO Phases. MOVE Tokens will serve as an efficiency multiplier and form a bonus coefficient applied to the amount of rewarded RUN coins. Users will only be able to spend RUN coins in the in-app Store or exchange it into the MOVE Tokens inside the in-app wallet. Users will not be able to convert MOVE tokens back to RUN coins. This model is similar to PoS + PoA. We believe that this would lead to the potential price grow. Simply saying, having more MOVE Tokens is like having a higher hash rate while mining crypto. Thank you for your advice with the Whitepaper, it would be updated and reviewed carefully.


The movement app is a pretty good concept and the team looks fairly qualified for the job. The idea is something new to the block-chain which makes it unique.


  1. Good idea, fairly balanced team and a beautiful website
  2. Selling Move tokens (which are like hash power) to increase Run tokens is a brilliant idea to reach initial ICO targets.


  1. The whitepaper is not very clear and has lot of mistakes
  2. Movement App missed out the main thing in business : It forgot to get initial traction and user base


  1. Get few well known advisors on board to build your reputation.
  2. Increase your marketing and user engagement
  3. Create a hype. You have a great and unique idea, create an urge in health conscious people to make a quick buck out of this app.


I'm an investor in cryptocurrencies and a trained branding strategist. I have invested over $1M in cryptocurrencies and helped to brand over 100 organizations.

Note - I'm neither associated with the Movement App nor has endorsed it. This review is my personal view and should not be taken seriously for investing purposes .