MoonTrader (MOON) ICO

updated 14 May 2019

MoonTrader is a cross-platform professional trading terminal and an ecosystem of products and services built on its basis.

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 25 May`19-24 Aug`19
Cap: 1 560 000 USD
Goal: 800 000 USD
Price: 1 MOON = 1 USD
Blockchain: Ethereum
Offering type: Utility
Country: Estonia
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Our team has developed and is supporting the trading terminal (MoonBot - which was introduced in October 3, 2017. Currently, the performance of MoonBot surpasses that of most existing trading systems as a result of its advanced functionality and the high security features designed to protect your trading activities.

All of the key features of MoonBot described below will be inherited by MoonTrader Terminal as a result of a long and successful period of developing, testing, adjusting and back-tracking based on users feedback.

What is implemented:

1. Secure connection to the exchange

The connection from MoonBot to an Exchange is carried out using special keys that the user receives from an exchange such as Binance or Bittrex. MoonBot connects securely to cryptocurrency trading Exchanges through two special keys which are uniquely and only known to their owner. These are - the API key, and the Secret key, both of which the users receives directly from the Exchange.

The MoonBot terminal then receives data and information from the exchange’s API collected at several different access levels, including:

1. Public information (publicly accessible data related to trading in general):

  • Charts
  • Quotes
  • Orderbook
  • Real-time executed orders

2. Authenticated information (unique to the users and which requires authentication access using the special keys ):

  • Personal account status (wallet balances).
  • User transactions (such as the details of executed trades).

2. Lightning-fast execution of the orders on the exchange and order status update

Depending on the distance of the user from the exchange servers, the delay in order execution should not exceed 1 second. Theoretically, the delay can be reduced to a minimum intangible - 10-20 ms.

Below is presented a very short extract(4 seconds in total) of the MoonBot log text file with brief explanations and highlights of the key features.

3. Tick chart. Display of all orders on the chart.

Thanks to the API connection to the exchange, the terminal receives stream data of all filled orders on the exchange as soon as they were processed by the exchange servers and immediately displays them on the chart.

4. Auto trading on signals

Fully automatic processing and trading off Telegram signals as well as parced TradingView alerts.

5. Automatic detection of market conditions and reaction to its changes.

Thanks to streaming data acquisition, the terminal monitors all available markets simultaneously, and is therefore able to react almost instantaneously as favorable trading possibilities are presented.

And due to the minimal delay in the execution of orders, MoonBot responds to abnormal changes almost instantly.

6. Advanced orders. Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop.

OCO orders (one cancels the other) are one of the most sought-after functions from both the Exchanges providing liquidity to the markets, and applications running on top of the exchanges.

The modern Trader cannot trade without the basic “smart” functions and addons to traditional exchange orders and considers them to be the minimum necessary set in their armory.

7. Algorithmic trading

At the moment, MoonBot has 13 types of strategies in-built using specific and well-proven algorithms (algorithmic trading or algo-trading). Together these have more than 200 adjustable parameters that can be adjusted to optimize their profitability across the wide range of trending and ranging markets that occur.

8. Trusted Management (TM)

MoonBot includes a successful and well-tested Trusted Management feature, in other words - Copy Trading:

  • All trade actions from the Master Terminal are repeated on the Follower’s Terminal (slave terminal).
  • The Follower's deposit remains securely in their own personal exchange account.
  • The Trusted Management feature does not have direct access to money, or to direct trading on someone else's account, but manages only its own Exchange orders, simultaneously broadcasting encrypted messages to Followers terminals containing all Master actions.

9. Community

During the two years of development of the MoonBot terminal, more than 30,000 copies have been registered and used by our Community of Traders.

Every day several thousand people trade cryptocurrencies using the MoonBot terminal, making daily approximately one hundred thousand manual and automatic transactions only on the leading crypto-currency exchange - Binance.