Mobilum (MBM) ICO

updated 29 March 2018

Mobilum is the missing bridge between crypto and fiat currencies. Pay anywhere, any digital currency, any payment card.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 07 May`18-09 Jul`18
Cap: 29 000 000 USD
Goal: 18 000 000 USD
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Pay Anywhere. Any Cryptocurrency. Any Payment Card

Mobilum is revolutionizing the way you pay using cryptocurrency by enabling crypto owners to spend their crypto assets immediately, and in real-time. Mobilum has created the first platform, which will allow crypto owners the ability to utilize their crypto assets anywhere, at any time, using any payment card.

With Mobilum, you are able to simply take out an electronic card and place it on a payment terminal to complete a transaction. The crypto to fiat currency exchange is quick and immediate from a mobile device via a mobile app, the Mobilum Wallet. Mobilum’s cooperation with all payment card providers allows for the redemption of your cryptocurrency anywhere, at any time with no extra fees (e.g. transaction costs), while guaranteeing the most favorable execution mechanism for the user.

The ability to directly connect any cryptocurrency of choice with any payment card, regardless of the issuing entity is all made possible via the Mobilum Token (MBM), a truly liquid token that enables instant exchange from any cryptocurrency to any fiat currency, in real-time. This is what makes Mobilum a one-of-a-kind payment method for crypto users around the globe.

With Mobilum’s executives having 20+ years of experience in the financial sector, as well as, in Fintech and Blockchain technologies, the Mobilum team will be able to finalize and effectively launch the project making it a success in the most refined way possible.

The pre-sale started on the 1st of February and lasts until 14th of April. The Crowd Token Sale is set to begin on 15th of April. During the presale there is a 40% bonus. In first tier there is a 30% bonus, in second tier 20% bonus, third tier 10% bonus. After this, there are no more bonuses.

About Mobilum

Mobilum directly connects every cryptocurrency with any payment card, regardless of the issuing provider: MasterCard, MIR, UnionPay, JCB, Visa, Diners' Club, Discover, AMEX, Belkart – you name it – we have it. Thus, Mobilum is the missing puzzle piece that cryptocurrency holders and

users have been waiting for. It makes life easy for everyone who spends money in any digital currency.