Mining Assent Z (DAB) ICO

updated 03 December 2018

Project offering to buy a share in the mining business and to receive an income every month as a co-owner of a l

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 01 Dec`18-31 Mar`20
Cap: No info
Goal: 7.5 BTC
(81034.275 USD)
Price: 1 DAB = 0.00015 BTC
Blockchain: Ethereum
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Mining “Assent Z” and DABtoken

Mining “Assent Z” - it is a project offering to buy a share in the mining business and to receive an income every month as a co-owner of a large-scale project. Our company will accredit your dividends in accordance with the smart contract and your share in the project.


Our main objective - it is to offer  our investors the most  profitable way of lifetime earnings with “Assent Z” Mining and become co-owners of such a large-scale project.

We want to protect our investors from a routine work in a mining farm and propose joint business ownership of a mining farm in a cold mountain that will generate a steady income with a transparent revenue sharing system between the holders of our tokens (via a smart contract) that will equally distribute the revenues from the mining the “Assent Z”  farm in the correct ratio.

We can guarantee you a permanent income in the cryptocurrency every month and you will be able to profit from our project, as long as the equipment on our mining farm will last.

Each “Assent Z” project token gives the right to profit from the capacity of our farm perpetually, with a percentage, depending on the purchased part of DABtokens.

By purchasing the DABtoken, you acquire a share (stake) in the project and start earning profit.


The mine will be built in the Republic of Bulgaria.

The state has the lowest cost of electricity from countries in the European Union.


The price per 1 kW of energy is only 0.10 EURO, which makesthis mining farm very

profitable and allowsto competewith other mining farmsaround the world without any problems.

No need for the construction of hangarsor other structures.

Lack of rent and other costs because the building is our property.

Low number of mining farm staff. Low labor costs. In Bulgaria wages start with 270 euro.

In Bulgaria, a profit tax is 10 %.

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