MindSports (MIND) ICO

updated 05 September 2018

Intelligent and Trusted Board Game Network

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Status: ended
Public sale: 05 Feb`18-06 Mar`18
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About MindSports

Traditional online mind sports platforms have a centralized host to manage communication and make sure the platform works correctly. This requires players to place trust in the host and ensure they have the adequate tools to run the platform. The goal of MindSports IO is to create a product that is "infinitely" scalable, decentralized and is secure for any transaction.

A decentralized mind sports network ensures everyone are part of the governance regarding the network development and future roadmap. Transactions and messages are verified and take place on the Ethereum blockchain. No party or administrator is required to host and govern the online network or tournament. This prevents any malfunction and failure of the platform host.

MindSports IO aligns incentives across all stakeholders and ties the MIND token to the core action of the network growth welding the interaction of the public with personally created mind sports tournament events through rewards of the cryptocurrency, MIND tokens.

The main motivation of the MindSports IO platform to encourage players to take part in the network governance of MindSport IO development roadmap, to host or participate in high-quality games as well as involve the audience when viewing competitions. Mind sports are contests of mental skills in contrast to physical competition which is the hallmark of traditional athletic sports. The sports included under the umbrella of this concept includes games of skill, strategy, speculation, and deduction. Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Xiangqi, Bridge and Go are a few examples.