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The premier index for the crypto economy

Capturing the cryptoasset market in real time

The index

An index specifically created for the crypto market is crucial for tracking the market’s overall performance and understanding the investing public’s general sentiment towards it. We saw that a professional, high-quality tool for cryptocurrency investors to track the market was clearly lacking — so we decided to create one.

Metaindex consists of the top 22 cryptocurrencies on the market. It shows their performance via a weighted average of their combined market caps and captures about 92% of the cryptocurrency market overall. Our algorithm calculates the weight of each asset in the index so that the weight of an individual currency is limited to 15% and the weight of any five cryptocurrencies is limited to 60%. If not properly weighted, a crypto index would just follow the dynamics of bitcoin, whose capitalization dominates over 50% of the overall market as of the last quarter of 2017

The story

Metaindex is brought to you by a small team of blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals and enthusiasts. The project was initiated by Victor aka @metaindex, who noted the pressing need for such a tool, began writing the algorithm and put together the team to make the idea a reality. He came up with the name 'Metaindex' to express its representative nature, given that the index captures almost the total value of the entire cryptocurrency market.

When Dow co-created his industrial average the world was on the verge of a new century, at a time when the financial industry as we know it, and the tools and solutions built to understand and support it, were just being established. Right now, we’re facing the emergence of an entirely new, differently structured economy — that of digital assets on the blockchain. This new space demands new, innovative tools to measure and understand it. We feel strongly that the crypto economy will flourish as new tools are created to better understand and develop it, and we want to be part of that effort.

Market Insight

Metaindex provides an easy way to track the overall direction, dynamics, and speed of the entire cryptocurrency market

Data Autonomy

We pull data from several major cryptocurrency exchange platforms to create an accurate, comprehensive assessment of the market

Objective Scope

Our weighted average system captures the performance of the market in a way that is both accurate and actually helpful to investors.