Meerkat ICO

updated 06 August 2018

A consumer token designed for local merchants. Combining utility for consumers with stability for businesses.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 20 Aug`18-07 Oct`18
Cap: 4 000 ETH
(889 920 USD)
Goal: 1 400 ETH
(311 472 USD)
Price: 1 Meerkat = 0.000139 ETH
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A utility token designed for merchants

MEERKAT is designed for local merchants. They can exchange MEERKAT tokens for their local FIAT currency by sending them to the exclusive Merchant Smart Contract. In exchange for their collected tokens, they receive the local FIAT+VAT value of the products they have sold for MEERKATs. Without being affected by price volatility merchants will be able to take part in the cryptocurrency revolution. Our fully featured audio guide application will lead MEERKAT customers directly to the premises of the merchants.

Meerkat is also a utility token for consumers. Whether you’re looking for a nice restaurant or a local attraction you can always use your Meerkat tokens. Just follow your favourite city tour in our application! It will guide you to different MEERKAT acceptance points along the way.

The diverse MEERPACKR app with free, audio-guided sightseeing tours, in-app services, special coupons and interactive games will lead you the way and keep you entertained on your journey.