Math Oriented Value Investing (MVI) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

MOVI - Math Oriented Value Investing.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Apr`18-22 Apr`18
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Math Oriented Value Investing

About Math Oriented Value Investing

We are an investment firm (Broad Investments, LLC) that is located in the Washington State in the United State. We have about USD $230,000 seed fund in the firm invested into our MOVI model supported US stocks. Our investment performance beats NASDAQ by more than 30%.

We have mainly three projects in this ICO.

The first project is the Math Oriented Value Investing (MOVI) Model (for more information click here: We simply invest most of our funds into the US stocks selected by our MOVI model. The return so far is great, beating the general market by good percentage. The project is in running stage and is performing very well.

The second project is the Platform A that we are designing that will allow everyone on this world to purchase US stocks using our MVI token, a crypto ERC-20 token issued by Broad Investments, LLC. In this project we serve as a brokerage agent. The token is ERC 20 based and can reach to every part of the world easily. Early stage marketing investigation shows there is a super strong demand on the Platform A.

The third project is the Platform X that we are developing that allows all AI trading systems running on current market to be loaded into our Platform X and running using our MOVI selected stock candidates. We did some prototype with some a cutting edge AI research company using our MOVI model and their AI algorithm. The initial result is very positive. The final goal is that the Platform X can incorporate all AI trading systems available on the market. Our MVI token is an equity token. Each token is a share of Broad Investments, LLC. The MVI token is also a utility token. It will be used by people all over the world to purchase US stocks through Broad Investments, LLC, and will be used by our customers (investment organizations and individuals) to purchase our AI Platform X service.