Marqyt (MRQ) ICO

updated 30 July 2018

Marqyt is a platform that protects brands with blockchain

Token sale info
Status: upcoming
Start: 05 September 2018
End: 20 October 2018
Cap: 7 000 000 USD
Goal: No info
Price: 1 MRQ = 0.007 USD
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About ICO

Marqyt is a platform that enables businesses to track products in supply chains in the Marqyt blockchain while users are able to verify product authenticity.

Product verification allows countering the spread of counterfeit items, turnover of which was estimated to exceed 461 billions of dollars in 2013 according to the OECD. Marqyt will allow businesses to enter product information and store it in the blockchain with a few clicks via the Marqyt application, allowing to reduce and ultimately diminish the turnover of counterfeit goods once and for all!