Maestro Project (MAE) ICO

updated 11 July 2018

Maestro is a blockchain-based music streaming & crowdfunding platform, providing a decentralized ecosystem for the artists and fans.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 16 Jun`18-28 Jul`18
Cap: 62 000 ETH
(13 946 900 USD)
Goal: 62 000 ETH
(13 946 900 USD)
Price: 1 MAE = 0.0001 ETH
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Maestro Project: The Decentralized Music Platform

Maestro aims to build an ecosystem for the artists and fans. Currently, the corporate music distribution companies are taking up to 40% of the revenue which, in fact, is the amount that the creators and fans deserve. On our platform, the artists, first of all, will be able to distribute their music in peer-to-peer manner with higher profit margin; the fans, on the other hand, will enjoy the music at lowered cost. This is one side of our platform, called Symphony. In addition, we have another application layer called Ensemble, a crowd-funding platform. The newer artists, in particular, face hardship of trying new things because they do not have enough funds to start with. Also, the existing artists who already have succeeded in one field, also face difficulties when they try to do something different than the genre they did, for instance. With Ensemble, such artists will have a conduit of funding, and also a special, lasting relationship with their fans and investors on the platform. Through our service, we are excited that we may see another BTS in the future.