updated 14 October 2018

MADANA is a platform for data analysis based on the blockchain technology and preserves data privacy and security by its design.

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Status: ended
Presale: 01 Sep`18-31 Oct`18
Public sale: 01 Sep`18-31 Oct`18
Cap: 44 000 000 USD
Goal: 44 000 000 USD
Price: 1 PAX = 0.58 USD
Blockchain: Other
Offering type: Utility
Country: Germany
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    Max Kordek
    Advisor - CEO at Lisk
    Oliver Grün
    Advisor - President of SME Alliances
    Malte Brettel
    Advisor - Vice-Rector at RWTH
    Marc Reinhardt
    Advisor - Executive VP at Capgemini
    Steffen Hauptmann
    Advisor - Big Data Expert
    Christian Junger
    CEO & Co-founder
    Dieter Schule
    COO & Co-Founder
    J.-Fabian Wenisch
    CTO & Co-Founder
    Julian Schiemann
    Head of Marketing
    Nicolas Pettican
    Head of Development
    Eugen Salkutzan
    Community Manager
    Yan Schreier
    Strategy & Marketing
    Stefan Lockowandt
    Strategy & Organization
    Martin Picard
    Business Development