Luxcess Group (PreICO) (LXC) ICO

updated 01 January 2018

First investment group with zero commission

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Mar`18-03 Mar`18
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
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Luxcess Group (PreICO)

About Luxcess Group

The vision of our investment group, Luxcess, is to help people become a part of a big investment family. On the other hand, the goal is to enable a transparent management and capital escalation for as many people as possible. We have always believed that teamwork, up-to-date information and discipline are most important for success. We will not only join the investments, such as crypto-holding, crypto-trading, forex trading, silver and gold and start up projects, but will also provide for integration of the general public into a big family, which will increase the generated profit and provide for a better tomorrow of all of its members.

You should support our project because we have a great and experienced team with great results in trading and investing from 2014. Intention of Luxcess Group is to introduce investment to the general public. We wish to introduce it as an activity in which anyone can be involved.

The LXC token is Luxcess Group’s icing on the cake.
People who believe in our team and the project will earn even more extra money with the token.

Crypto-analysts believe that more than 90% of tokens have no future. There is an important difference between having an idea and realizing it. They believe that the road from an idea to realization is long and difficult; therefore, only the strongest can brave it.
Luxcess Group team has developed a system that guarantees long-term profit. We will achieve an excellent token price on the market, because investing in our projects will be possible only with our token. The token price will be stable and constant growth will be secured, which is a guarantee that more and more people will invest in our token. In time, more money will be needed to buy tokens, which is the only option for people to join our story.