LiveTalk (LiveToken) ICO

updated 30 October 2018

Livetalk is an ecosystem on direct channels, broadcast live.

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Status: upcoming
Public sale: TBA-TBA
Cap: 1 800 000 USD
Goal: 1 800 000 USD
Price: 1 LiveToken = 0.007 USD
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LiveTalk Project

Livetalk is an ecosystem on direct channels, broadcast live. . . We will combine the popular broadcast channels in the world, creating an ecosystem livestream of the game, the events of EDM. . . through which the streamer can get rewards that Token from the system, a user of the system can also receive tokens through the tournament games and events.

LiveTalk Network is a direct broadcast platform is supported by the technology Blockchain. Thanks to Blockchain it ensures the full hierarchy, high scalability and open market allows to Live Stream the world over. LiveTalk Network allows user applications to make money on its platform by the form of the Live Stream as:

 Direct game.

 Direct music Idol

 This often life direct

 Direct teaching, consulting, advertising, product sales online.

 Direct large events such as workshops, music festival, entertainment ...

 LiveTalk support platform 2 Live Stream is public and private. Giving users the most optimal for technology Live, defended the right of people to use.

Platform Live Stream of publicity: Users can make money in many forms Live Stream. Channel's viewership bigger the system you will have different bonuses. Also you can earn LVT Token reward in the form of viewers. - Live Stream Platform privacy:

Allow more people directly in a private or group directly with just a single person. Replace the chat application has the ability to Call the current Video as Skype, Line, Vibe, .... * LiveTalk platform allows users to provide the most service for anyone from anywhere, became a tv station and make money from the content have different values. The main objective of the project is to become the market leader in broadcast platform market directly. With ambitions to link the streamer across the world together. where users will always be able to find content or, in accordance with the preferences. Where the fan will easily find the Idol. LiveTalk platform creates a greater blockchain ecosystem allows LiveStream charges services via direct broadcast programs and place direct broadcast content.