Litebolt (LBT) ICO

updated 17 July 2018

Ecosystem built upon Investment . Provider of Mining Equipment, Mining Contracts, Trading Bots, Mining Pools and Currency Exchange

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Status: ended
Public sale: 24 May`18-15 Jul`18
Cap: 30,000,000 USD
Goal: 4,200,000 USD
Price: 1 LBT = 0.7 USD
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The World's First Blockchain Investment Ecosystem

The main goal of Litebolt is to create an entire Ecosystem built upon Investment Opportunities within the Cryptocurrency Industry.



This year, Litebolt will offer Litebolt Products such as mining equipment (e.g. X1), Trading Bots (e.g. RN2) and Mining Contracts (e.g SHA-256) to the market. LBT Coin will be the cryptocurrency of Litebolt, where users will be able to purchase Litebolt products such as Cloud Mining Contracts and Algorithmic Trading Bots.


As shown in our Roadmap, Litebolt will then form the Litebolt Exchange– a 40+ cryptocurrency exchange where users will be able to trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. Eventually this exchange will also see Fiat integration which means users will be able to Buy/Sell their cryptocurrencies in exchange for Fiat.


Litebolt will also be forming LiteHash– the Litebolt Mining Pool. With the expansion of the Litebolt Mining Facility in Northern Europe as well as having a large user base, Litebolt will have the perfect foundation for forming multiple mining pools e.g SHA-256, SCRYPT, Blake 14R etc. for Litebolt users.




“What Litebolt will achieve can be understood from this simple example.


Envision a scenario where a prospective investor wants to invest in cryptocurrencies within the Litebolt Ecosystem. The User can mine with the X1 (or future Litebolt mining equipment) or Trade LBT across major exchanges. Using LBT, the user can purchase Cloud Mining Contracts where the earnings can be paid into his/her Litebolt Betta (the Litebolt Debit Card). The User can also use LBT to purchase Litebolt Trading Bots to automate his/her portfolio. 


With the Litebolt Exchange as well as LiteHash, this user will then be able to mine with a Litebolt mining pool as well as trade his/her cryptocurrencies on the Litebolt Exchange. If/when the user needs a major Fiat currency (USD, GBP etc.) – he/she simply needs to go on the Litebolt Exchange to facilitate the transaction


Litebolt will be stripping the layers of Cryptocurrency investment and streamlining it under a single entity. With Litebolt – there is no middleman.”