LigoLedger (Ligo) ICO

updated 19 July 2018

A blockchain for cryptocurrency tax calculations for everyone around the globe

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Status: ended
Public sale: 15 May`18-10 Jul`18
Cap: 8 000 ETH
Goal: 8 000 ETH
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Ligo Blockchain

Ligo is a simple-to-use secure solution for real-time cryptocurrency tax calculations serving individuals and businesses around the world. Built on the blockchain, Ligo (pronounced “lee-go”) is set to be the industry standard as the first and only immutable global cryptocurrency tax valuation solution (patent pending).   The more mainstream these coins and tokens become, the more governments and tax agencies are taking notice. Cryptocurrencies, as volatile as they are these days, have real value, to the tune of $480 billion globally, roughly the same as both Visa and MasterCard combined. And when you own or exchange something of value, the tax man wants a piece. And, it’s not just capital gains he wants to get his hands on, which is what much of the media is focusing on. It’s also the income or payroll tax on your cryptocurrency salaries and wages and all the value added taxes (VAT) for business transactions. 

Ligo’s tax valuation solution makes it easy to log and analyse all your cryptocurrency transactions, whether it’s buying coffee at the local shop, trading the latest coin on an exchange, or tracking revenues and expenses for your business. Ligo protects its community with real-time records and accurate calculations. Ligo integrates information on the location, exchange rates, and appropriate tax regulations with blockchain transaction data. This means that no matter which tax jurisdiction around the globe you live in, and no matter how you use your cryptocurrencies (income, payment, or assets), your records will be accurate and immutable. Ligo gets you ready for your tax-time form filing, and for any audit that might come your way. Wherever you are in the world, you should never have to pay more taxes than you need to in compliance with the rules of your country. Ligo protects you by preparing you. And Ligo keeps it legal.