Ligercoin (LIC) ICO

updated 15 March 2018

Ligercoin is based on an Ethereum driven platform which seeks to revolutionize the online and offline casino gaming industry.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 18 Apr`18-01 Aug`18
Cap: 702.58 BTC
(7369565.3682 USD)
Goal: 7201.49 BTC
(75538517.0421 USD)
Price: 1 LIC = 0.0000035 BTC
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Liger's special features and description

LIGER seeks to build an expansive community of users in Casinos, Fantasy Sports and Live Sports Betting spaces. It aims to be the cryptocurrency of choice that offers a trustworthy platform for exciting gaming experiences without the hassles of delay in payments, exchanges or fear of dubious activities. LIGER seeks to decentralize the marketplace for online and offline gaming, making it intermediary free. The Unique Staking Mechanism offerred by Liger brings back trust between gamers and merchants by giving the option to gamers to play 'for' the casino and get a ratio of the winnings, as per a Smart Contract. Liger will also implement Token Burning in order to prevent dumping of Tokens while maintaining a stability in prices and an increased demand at the Exchanges.



Unique Offline USP and staking mechanist. Definitely on the cards.


Looks promising. They have provided a detailed WP and are very active on all social platforms. The idea of staking and burning to balance the value of coin could be what separates them from other in the same space.


This projects looks really impressive. Can't wait for the Pre-ICO.


Wow, great project. Very eagerly waiting for the Pre-ICO.


Very suitable risk/reward ratio and a well-explained vision and mission, even for those who are new to the technology