Life Cross Coin (lico) ICO

updated 17 July 2018

Decentralized charity donations that also help increase your investment

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Status: ended
Public sale: 25 May`18-15 Jul`18
Cap: 134 457,6800000 ETH
(35786.04 USD)
Goal: 76 000 000 USD
Price: 1 lico = 550 USD
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Have you ever wished you could earn crypto currency by investing into charity? Would you want to get rewarded in crypto currency for helping humanity?

This is exactly what LIFECROSSCOIN has come to do!

LifeCrossCoin is a secured and efficient cryptocurrency trading and donation platform committed to building a unique and secure system aimed at assisting and financially supporting charitable organizations who seek to engage the next generation of philanthropists through the use of blockchain technology.

LifeCrossCoin is designed not only to take charity, to the next level but also help individuals who took part in our ICO increase and multiply their investment.

There are many pros for investing in LifeCrossCoin:

•    safety on your investment

•    high profits

•    transparency of trade

•    good feeling for helping humanity

Taking part in the LifeCrossCoin ICO will provide you with the opportunity to be a part of an innovative blockchain-based charity platform where you’ll be receiving the benefit of earnings from our preliminary token supply.

With LifeCrossCoin on blockchain technology, the sector of donations will revel in a significant transformation regarding security and speed donation to charity, hence giving rise to a huge return on investment.

So join us, make a profit and help us make the world better!