updated 11 April 2018

LICERIO is a platform where brand is advertised by customers by reposting advertising materials in social networks and as a reward they can

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Status: ended
Public sale: 29 Apr`18-09 Jun`18
Cap: 14 000 ETH
(2 362 640 USD)
Goal: 2 500 ETH
(421 900 USD)
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Your customer is your advertisement.

Customer helps you in spreading the information about an item of goods or service as well as in increasing brand`s awareness and gets a discount as a reward.

How it work?

Advertiser creates an advertising campaign that has settings for his own target audience. When creating his advertising campaign, he specifies what amount of tokens he is ready to spend.

According to the exchange rate of LCR token, the platform calculates what number of likes and views advertiser will get.

Besides that, the advertiser specifies maximum possible discount as well as cost of one “like” for his customers.

A potential customer is reposting advertising materials into social networks. The platform collects accumulated “likes”, avoiding any ways of cheating.

According to the amount of collected “likes” and the cost of one “like” set by advertiser, the system calculates discount size for customers as well as converts “likes” into tokens of which system`s commission fee will be written off.


Now creating a smart advertising campaign and getting a long-waited customer is a really big deal. Advertisers spend up to 50% of their advertising budget for covering banks and payment systems commission fees, expenses for rewarding advertising agencies and CPA networks, advertising platforms and services.

  • Banks and payment systems 

Commission rate is 3 - 5% from the amount of payment

  • Advertising agencies and CPA networks 

The amount of reward is 15 - 25%

  • Advertising platforms and services 

The amount of reward is 5 - 15%

LICERIO will reduce advertiser`s costs to 5% and will provide guaranteed customers.