updated 01 January 2018

Making adventure affordable everywhere.

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Status: ended
Public sale: 08 Jan`18-04 Feb`18
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About LibLob

LibLob is the first product to come from TopBack Technologies (TBT). Two former US Navy Officers, one Nuclear and one Special Operations, founded TBT in May 2016. Since then, those two have moved on to become an MBA candidate at the London Business School as well as an MSUS candidate at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. In February 2017, they brought on a third founding member who holds multiple patent and patent-pending technology products as well as successfully founding and exiting tech startups.

LibLob is the first peer-to-peer rental platform to focus solely and totally on the adventure sporting market. Libbers liberate (rent) adventure sporting goods from Lobbers who have lobbed (listed) on the platform. In May 2017, LibLob went live and is in a stage of building a library of items from users to be rented. To help reduce hassle to our users, we are also the first adventure sporting market to offer delivery with fully background-checked drivers.

To allow our users to enjoy experiences no matter where they are during travel, we have decided to implement the BOOMR token as well as USD payment methods. We have spent the past year conducting in-depth market research. We are in talks with hotels and condominiums in the Florida and Puerto Rico areas to implement LibLob as a booking platform for their guests.