Letsfair roadmap

updated 06 December 2018

The goal of the Letsfair project is to build a shared economy network, which in practice, is a marketplace for many types of apps.

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Status: ongoing
Public sale: 14 Nov`18-23 Oct`19
Cap: No info
Goal: No info
Price: 1 LTF = 0.01 USD
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  • Piece of Cake (MVP)

    Concept test which will be the guideline for the entire Letsfair software architecture. Learn more about https://letsfair.com/pieceofcake

  • Letsfair SDK API:

    Offering a set of resources so that third-parties can create apps and integrate them into the Letsfair marketplace.

  • Letsfair.com website

    A full catalog with the aim of promoting the products and services that were registered in the apps that are part of the marketplace. The pr

  • Letsfair Apps

    Letsfair will build five apps in order to establish its marketplace and to prove the concepts described in its whitepaper, enabling, in the