Leonard Frankel (GG) ICO

updated 17 July 2018

The world's first marketplace for services inside games (In-Game Actions) - creating value for gamer skills, decentralizing game advertising

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Status: ended
Public sale: 01 Jul`18-26 Aug`18
Cap: 23 562 960 USD
Goal: 2 356 296 BTC
Price: 1 GG = 0.079 USD
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World’s first marketplace for services inside game

ClanPlay is introducing a new marketplace for services inside games (in-game actions) anyone can pay players to take actions inside games. The marketplace will create a new meritocratic system where skill in games is financially valuable at large. Any action that can be tracked - can be paid for!


ClanPlay believes that the time has come for players to be directly compensated for trying out and playing new games, and blockchain is the facilitating catalyst to drive this revolution forward and assure that any gamer, even unbanked, can get paid for having amazing skills.


Before launching the Good Game project, ClanPlay has become the highest rated app for gamers with 4.8 stars rating and 1.5m users. The company was formed 2 years ago and raised equity investments from games industry leaders, as well as government grants for technological innovation.