LenusChain (BPM) ICO

updated 11 April 2018

LensuChain offers a blockchain based cross-hardware platform to aggregate, evaluate and analyse health data of individuals and groups!

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Status: ended
Public sale: 14 May`18-25 Jun`18
Cap: 750 000 USD
Goal: 15 000 000 USD
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The LenusChain Vision!

The health data market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. New advances in hardware and software are allowing users to record and analyse their health data in real time. The possibilities of which data can be read using non-intrusive sensors are developing rapid- ly and in the near future a holistic measurement of the blood and heart will become reality. Complex algorithms and statistics provide not only new insights to ones health status, but are also able to make predictions. With blockchain technology on the rise LenusChain is preparing for one of the most attractive emerging markets. 

LensuChain offers a blockchain based cross-hardware platform support to aggregate, evaluate and analyse health data of individuals and groups. On the LenusChain dashboard and app users will be able to create and manage HealthSpaces. Users of the LenusChain app can agree to be added to one or many HealthSpaces.

LenusChain caters for different needs. HealthSpaces could be, for example, created by cor- porate users. In this scenario, the workforce data is analysed completely anonymously and focused on the overall health status. Another example could be sports clubs. The health space would be more focused on the health status of the individual members. Additionally, more data can be provided, as regulations are less stringent.

By letting the users choose the individual data security level LenusChain is able to provide its service to any branch of industry, corporate or private. The data is also stored tamper proof on the blockchain and decentrally on the individuals smartphone in order to ensure data self sovereignty.

Simply add or remove data blocks to the get the most efficient view of what you are trying to achieve. Corporate wellness and amateur sports obviously need different data sets to deter- mine the progress/success. No problem with the fully customizable LenusChain dashboard. Using our BPM Token (ERC20) admins will be able to create an ambitious environment in order to increase motivation and competitiveness. The LenusChain system awards users BPM tokens for improved behaviour. These token are distributed automatically via smart contract to the each individual or whole teams. These can then be traded on the LenusChain marketplace for e.g. company incentives. The possibilities for using BPM tokens within the LenusChain network and beyond will evolve with the growth and development of the project itself.

LenusChain also offers custom health data alerts. Simply add a family member or friend to the health space and be alerted via push message if there are significant changes in the vital data of that individual. Go on holiday with peace of mind. In case of an emergency medical services can be informed and dispatched immediately. 

LenusChain - finally providing you with comprehensible health data!